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Newbie for Edinburgh

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Newbie for Edinburgh Empty Newbie for Edinburgh

Post  Fee14 on 24.06.15 11:03

New to Halgen Oven cooking, looking forward to trying some recipes Very Happy


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Newbie for Edinburgh Empty Re: Newbie for Edinburgh

Post  Reeta on 24.06.15 15:21

Welcome to the forum Fee14

You will find recipes in the recipe section and also within the posts.

Happy cooking


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Newbie for Edinburgh Empty Re: Newbie for Edinburgh

Post  LesleySM on 24.06.15 22:18

Welcome on board! I got my first one 18 months ago and was so impressed I converted several friends who all love theirs. We used to buy a lot of takeaways because the oven took too long (with 2 of us a full sized oven was a bit too big and the heating up time made our electric bills too high) now most days I just pop something in my halo and we've saved a fortune. I even did our Xmas dinner in mine, then the next day roasted a turkey breast joint and I've roasted several shoulders of lamb and even beef joints in it.

We now use the halo, our microwave (for occasional ready meals and steam in the bag veg) and a couple of hotplate rings (for warming soup, frying stuff etc). Our cooker's only function since we got the halo is to be where we put the halo on top of it- when we get round to redecorating the kitchen the oven is getting dumped and we'll put shelving in the gap with the halo on top

They do take a bit of practice (shall we not mention the time I got the timing wrong and carbonised a roast beef ready meal?) but once you get going they're great. I was famous for not being able to cook and now friends will ACTUALLY come and eat round my place whereas before if I said "I could cook something for you" they'd find ANY excuse NOT to come round (I swear one of them had 3 grandmothers funerals!)

But even the simple stuff- we have this thing where every so often people come round for an evening of films, beer and pizza. Used to have the pizza place on speed dial. Now I just load a 12 inch pizza into the halo and it comes out fine. If there's a few people then maybe I have to do a second one


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Newbie for Edinburgh Empty Re: Newbie for Edinburgh

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