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Post  sandyc on 24.02.15 19:23

Hello everyone,
My name is Sandy. I have just bought a halogen oven. I need all the help I can get. My mother-in-law has already told me I will be like the lady of Fred Saniford show who promised to cook, but never find the time.


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New to Halogen Empty Re: New to Halogen

Post  Reeta on 24.02.15 21:48

Hello Sandy,
you've come to the right place for help, tips , etc
You will find a lot of useful info have already been posted but if you can't find what you need, just ask  Smile

'Fred Saniford show' - I don't think this has been aired in the UK (someone please correct me if I'm wrong)  Question
Never find the time to cook or don't like to cook? lol!    

You don't have to cook long complicated meals, just start with something quick and easy such as pieces of seasoned chicken or fish to get you started.

Happy cooking Sandy!


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New to Halogen Empty Re: New to Halogen

Post  LesleySM on 24.02.15 21:58

Welcome Sandy

I also never have time to cook- I work full-time, am my partners carer, have hobbies and interests that keep me out the house. Until just over a year ago when I got my HO- my cooking could be summed up as
1. If it microwaves fine
2. If it doesn't microwave can I warm it up on a ring if so fine
3. Can I shove it in the toaster or the George Foreman if so fine
4. If none of the above- call a takeaway and worry about the cost later

Now I cook all the time, my local takeaways would like to send out search parties- I save a fortune

One of the things I love about it is the convenience- no it's nowhere near as fast as a microwave although it's faster than a conventional oven as in my experience it doesn't need pre-heating but it's incredibly safe I can pop something in and leave it whilst I get on with stuff and it doesn't need watching. I did read once that the explanation was there isn't a lot of oxygen when the lid is on. I once shoved a ready prepared roast chicken dinner in for 25 minutes and for some reason the timer failed so I've popped it in then gone off to do things and suddenly realised I put it in 50 minutes ago....Yes it was carbonised but if I'd forgotten it in a microwave or a conventional oven I'd have been calling the fire brigade!

I even do a roast dinner in mine- it is just a matter of timing....

Oh and buy foil...tons of stuff works fine- "Wilkinson's" a couple of weeks back had half price on their cheapest foil- I brought ten rolls of it. It lines the bottom of the bowl (So when it needs cleaned you can just wait for it to cool down- take the soiled foil out and bin it). it stops stuff dripping like when you do sausages etc.

And if you haven't got one an air fryer ring is a good idea


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New to Halogen Empty Re: New to Halogen

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