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Melt in the mouth biscuits

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Melt in the mouth biscuits Empty Melt in the mouth biscuits

Post  Queensmessenger on 15.12.13 19:08

Hello again.
Its been a few months since I last posted due to family committments but HO back in use today and experimenting with biscuits.
Here is a recipe that works very well although perhaps when you taste them you may not be able to stop.
It is extremely simple to make. Follow the pointers I give and you will be friends with the whole neighbourhood.

Forked Melting Biscuits.

4 oz soft butter
2 oz white castor sugar
5 oz self raising flour
5 drops vanilla essence.

Cream the sugar and butter together to a smooth white(ish) consistency
Add the sifted flour and 5 drops Vanilla essence.
Mix to a dry dough consistency enough to form into a dryish ball.

All this only takes a few minutes.

Use an extender ring and use a high rack or place on the low rack if no extender ring used.

Pre heat to 190C

Lightly grease a baking tray (although I use a non stick tray and do not grease.

Place walnut size balls of the mixture onto the tray and leave a space between each ball. (walnut size is the size complete in shell).

Press each ball down with a fork until they are about 2.5 to 3 inches round.

Tidy up the edges if you wish, but I only do this if they break too much in the pressing process.

Cook for 8 minutes at 190C then switch off for one minute and recook for 5 minutes at 200C without reheating. (  also try 11 minute continuous at 190).

Take out when medium brown.

Leave on baking tray for 3 minutes before removing to a cooling rack.

Enjoy with a tea or coffee.

Watch out if you are a dunker as they can break off quite easily.

Leaving them on the tray for 3 minutes allows them to set up firmly and not break on removal.

Adjust cooking times to suit the amount of browning and crispness required.


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Melt in the mouth biscuits Empty Re: Melt in the mouth biscuits

Post  Reeta on 17.12.13 16:26


 thank you

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Melt in the mouth biscuits Empty Biscuits

Post  chrisjaz on 28.09.14 13:35

Thanks for the recipe for the biscuits , they are lovely i put some almond essence in by mistake instead of vanilla and they were nice !!

Cheers Very Happy


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Melt in the mouth biscuits Empty Re: Melt in the mouth biscuits

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