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Temperature and Thermostat setting check

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Temperature and Thermostat setting check Empty Temperature and Thermostat setting check

Post  Queensmessenger on 17.02.13 15:17

Trid a semi scientific experiment today using a standard "Tala" circular oven thermometer available from hardware stores.
HO (Andrew James) set at 200deg fro 20 mins and oven thermometer set in an upright position on the low rack. Results were:-

After 10 Mins from cold = 160 deg.
After 20 mins = 180 deg.

Then reset oven to use high rack and continued with oven now well warmed up. Thermometer had to be laid flat on rack otherwise it would foul the fan housing. Results now :-

After 4 mins = 180 deg.
After 10 mins = 200 deg.

The oven thermostat was actually operating off and on within a very short time of switching on but the time taken to show the temperature on the oven thermometer is as shown because of the delay in the mechanism within the thermometer.

This underlines the need to preheat before cooking to enable the correct cooking temperature to be reached.

Lower temps on the low rack are understandable as heat always rises despite the stirring action of the fan and I am sure if were to check this in a normal gas or electric oven that the results would be similar.

A test worth doing to check the operation of the thermostat control on your oven.

Any other observations you would like to make would be useful to us all.


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Temperature and Thermostat setting check Empty Re: Temperature and Thermostat setting check

Post  Badger on 21.03.14 11:12

I have bought a JML Halowave HO and I am quieter pleased with it , well that was until I bought a thermometer !
Even after pre heating and cooking for 30 minutes at 210C the bottom rack barely reaches 150C if that.

Does this sound right ? I have tested the top rack yet.


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