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Potatoe Cakes

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Potatoe Cakes Empty Potatoe Cakes

Post  teileann on 09.07.12 20:57

My grandmother (in Co. Longford, Ireland) used to make potato cakes in the oven, shaped just like soda bread, not small patties. They were cut into slices, then each slice was cut through the centre and buttered. Yum! I remember them as being substantial and not greasy, as they would have been, if fried. I never had the recipe and all the recipes on the net seem to suit being cooked on a pan as opposed to an oven. I tried to make them a few times but I could always taste the flour. (I'm not the best cook). I'd say a halogen oven would be ideal for cooking them, if only I knew what else to put in the mixture. I only know about mashed potatoes, flour and salt, and have no idea of the quantities. I would be grateful if anybody could help.


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