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quiche for dinner

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quiche for dinner Empty quiche for dinner

Post  lilchook on 10.03.10 21:47

i cooked a quiche last night. it went well but i learnt a few things which i thought i would pass on.
the first thing was not to use a flan dish much bigger than the actual rack because it is really hard to remove it! it fitted into the oven no problem but getting my oven mitted hand in there to lift it out was almost impossible.the tong thingies were no help as they didn't reach around the sides of the dish to grip on to the rack.
secondly; i found it useful to blind bake the base first and then to remove the beans and continue cooking until almost cooked before putting the filling in.i did this at about 200(c)as i didn't preheat it.then turned it down to 170.
thirdly; i started out on the top rack after putting the filling in but as it was browning too fast i reduced the temp down to about 150(c). it continued to brown too fast on top without cooking inside so dropped down to the bottom rack and left the temp at 150. that worked great!
also did chips for 6 people but was a lot of mucking around trying to brown them. i cooked them in the micro first but because i needed such a large quantity ( my guys LOVE their chippies)it required a lot of turning to get them all crispy. i think i will get the chip basket which is available from
Easycook. it is a deeper,mesh basket especially for chips.
hope some of this was useful. cheers! sunny


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quiche for dinner Empty Re: quiche for dinner

Post  junie on 11.03.10 13:40

Hi lilchook

Thanks for sharing. Your tips are very useful indeed. thank you


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quiche for dinner Empty Re: quiche for dinner

Post  Reeta on 11.03.10 14:45

thank you

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quiche for dinner Empty Re: quiche for dinner

Post  southwellski on 02.08.11 22:58

Thank you for the dish tip! Its the first time I've used my oven and I was very grateful.


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quiche for dinner Empty Quiche

Post  cooka on 03.08.11 7:10

Tks Lilchook for your quiche suggestions. I, too, have an EasyCook HO,and to my mind it is the best on the market with comprehensive instruction and recipe book, instructional DVD and accessories. More expensive than most though!

Cooka (fromn Aussie)


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quiche for dinner Empty Re: quiche for dinner

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