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Hello from North Norfolk

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Re: Hello from North Norfolk

Post  riggers on 18.01.11 7:53

Hello from North Norfolk. 62 years on and I'm now a halogen convert. But, wasn't all plain sailing. Bought a £39.99 all in Wolf machine from UKTV Home Shopping. Bad move. First oven fan worked with no halogen. Replacement lid received. Halogen worked and fan didn't. Grumpy customer services agreed to collect and credit. Two emails and two phone calls I eventually got the credit a month later! Would not recommend. Now we've got the Ideal World hinged machine. Well worth the extra. Fist effort, bought a Sainsbury 2kg Gammon befor Xmas. "You'll never eat all that" says veggie wife. "Don't worry it'll probably shrink like it does in the main fan oven." Low rack, extender ring, foil covered, 200c for 20 minutes, then 175 ish for good hour. Out, remove skin, criss cross cuts, dob with honey and back in uncovered until internal temperature hits 80 degrees. Meat thermometer is a must, as is a pair of Wilkinsons heat gloves! Did it shrink, did it heck as like. It still is (as still eating from frozen) the best gammon I have eaten in many a year, and only cost a tenner! Second major 'experiment' was an Aldi turkey crown. Having put this at the back of the freezer (in case of guests) I traditionally cooked a Tesco fresh turkey. I think it was the oldest in the farmyard. It was so tough and rubbishy, tesco got an email. NOW, the Aldi one. Knocked the Tesco one into a cocked hat. Again, low rack, extender ring and foil. No tarting with the turkey. Out of the packet and into the oven. Didn't even turn it over. 180 at 40mins per kg plus 40mins unfoiled. Prod with thermometer to reach 80 c. Sadly, they aint got no more....unless someone knows different.


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Hello from North Norfolk

Post  toots on 18.01.11 8:56

Hi Riggers,

Welcome to the forum sounds like you are getting on really well with your oven bit like a duck to water , just hope the duck can fly fast otherwise it's the halogen crispy duck recipe. I agree with you on oven gloves and thermometer.

Happy cooking

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Re: Hello from North Norfolk

Post  Reeta on 18.01.11 10:25

What can I say Riggers, you are definitely a HALOGENIUS cool

welcome to the forum

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Re: Hello from North Norfolk

Post  junie on 18.01.11 15:44

Welcome Riggers

Well done on your perseverance through your HO obstacle course. clap

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