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So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise552

So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise

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So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise

Post  Frederick on 28.12.10 10:11

Hi all... I regularly trawl thru the forum rooms and am amazed at the different temp/time variations in the forums and I propose that it is high time we standardise (for meat that is).
As a humble male who was suddenly thrown in at the deep end when my wife died I was in trouble, but after checking various books I found the basic Times/Temps which were as follows (for traditional oven)
Beef..20mins@245Deg plus 20mins/lb@180deg(int.71deg)
Lamb..30min@230deg+30min/lb @180 (int.71Deg)
Pork..30min@240 + 30min/lb @160deg.
Chicken..20min@230 +20min/lb @190.
Now all these worked perfectly in a traditional oven. Now a HO applies the heat much closer and much fiercer
albiet with a fan. Now there is nothing clever about a halogen oven.. it is just another way of applying heat more efficiently so to start all I did was reduce all the times by 10% and checked the internal Temp. 10mins before the end and in most cases IT WORKED. The use of a meat thermometer is imperitave as it will give an immediate indication as to whether or not the meat is cooked. I have also found that it is important to turn the meat once during cooking as it tends to burn on the top.
Chops are very much a suck it and see... just look at them... push a sharp point in and see what colour the juices are.
The only veggies I have tried are roast pots. I part boiled for 4 mins,dried them and scored the outers. I then placed them in a bowl with a little oil and cooked them for6 mins in the top rack at 240deg. they were excellent. I arived at the time by just looking at them... brown crispy and fantastic.
I hope I have not bored the readers and that this will help a little.

Take care all.... Frederick


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Re: So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise

Post  Dorismay on 29.12.10 1:40

That`s a big help Frederick. Thank You. thank you
HAPPY NEW Year.. cheers


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Re: So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise

Post  junie on 29.12.10 19:32

Thanks Frederick

thank you

If we all remember that what we have is a small and efficient oven, and use oven guidelines as opposed to the HO hype, we won't go too far wrong.

Have a happy HO new year. coucoufleurbleue


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Re: So many temperature and heat settings..lets standerdise

Post  Frederick on 30.12.10 10:54

Hi all... the problem is that we are nearly always blinded with science by the "experts" who sell the items.Take Paul Bardell for example... one has only to watch his presentation on TV... lots of words with no substance.. this even carries on to his books... fantastic pictures with no real details for example very rarely are the times and temps given... usually one or the other.In his TV presentation of the HO he just tosses the chicken in with no indication of time or temp... I would be surprised if any one of the staff eat any of the chicken after cooking for 20/25mins.
Yes the HO is a fantastic device... it applies heat where it is needed at below normal oven cost and that is all.The heat is applied by a wire encapsulated in a tube filled with Halogen gas and an electric current is applied for the selected time which is determined by the user. It should be regarded as a minature oven because really that is all itis albeit a very usefull one operating at a much lower cost.
Take care all.... Frederick


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Post  Scoobydoo on 30.12.10 15:18

thanks for taking the time to send your thoughts I will put them into practice when calculating my cooking times. Very Happy


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