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What to do With the Lid

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What to do With the Lid

Post  rtbcomp on 13.12.10 17:18

I've set up a hook above the oven to hang the lid on when putting stuff in and out of the oven.

This stops it rolling around the worktop, saves space abd prevents the oven from switching on when the lid isn't in place.


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Re: What to do With the Lid

Post  junie on 13.12.10 20:10

Hi rtbcomp

Thanks for sharing your very good idea. I use my extender ring as a lid stand when not in use and have a round glass chopping board for the times it is in use.

Does anyone else without a lid stand have good ideas Question

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Re: Suspense

Post  valkyrtb on 14.12.10 7:58

Not so much good ideas - just the practicalities of using a HO in a bedsit.

I have very little workspace - my HO sits atop the microwave.

The only available space is the floor - which is OK as I'm the only one has to remember not to trip over it. The carpet means I can't use the floor directly though

Like Junie I've used the extender ring as a stand agree

Also the top shelf trivet when it's not in use

My final improvised standby is a saucepan, although when I got behind on the washing-up I used the glass plate out of the microwave in desperation.

I can't begin to conceive how a suspended hook for my HO lid would look! Shocked

Maybe banging my head on a hot HO lid would be better than stubbing my toe on the HO

When not using his hook arrangement to suspend his HO lid Tom makes a quick post to the forum Cool

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Re: What to do With the Lid

Post  MsDee on 26.12.10 6:52

Mine has a special holder for the top. Very Happy


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An Unexpected Benefit - Don't Try This at HOme!

Post  valkyrtb on 26.12.10 9:49

So as we've already established (see above) one of my lid location solutions was to rest the lid on top of a saucepan.

I bought my HO to augment my feeble Baby Belling(Kindly supplied by the landlord)

The Baby Belling grill also takes forever to reach working temperature so has been abandoned in favor of the HO

Brunch the other day was omlette (sorry for the delay in posting - must be Christmas)

So Brunch Omlette for 1 hungry HO owner


1 medium potato cubed
1 onion - I like mine sliced in crescents
1 medium tomato diced
2 beaten eggs
1 handfull of grated cheese
Butter (optional)
Salt & Pepper to taste

In a large saucepan (The one I rest my HO lid on)melt a knob of butter with an equal amount of oil.

Gently saute the cubes of potato - when they start to color add onion

When all a nice golden brown add egg
Scatter cheese and tomato on top
Season to taste

When egg is set place HO lid on pan
Activate HO to grill cheese and brown top of omlette

Place HO lid back on top of empty HO

Now this might seem somewhat rash but if you are confident it is far less extreme than flambe cooking or using one of those neat cooks blowtorches, and you're already an expert at juggling a hot HO lid by now - probably best if you don't try this recipe as your first experiment with a new HO though Wink

Hope this was not too obvious but I was really delighted with finding another use for my HO happy-dancing

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Re: What to do With the Lid

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