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Frozen Steak

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Frozen Steak

Post  photohap on Sun 12 Dec - 19:52

When sirloin steaks are on sale I buy them in bulk and freeze them individually with a vacuum sealer. I have found that seasoning the steaks before freezing makes cooking a frozen steak so much more tastier.

Cooking times vary of course, but my average is about 15-20 minutes per side and 450 degrees Farenheit.



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Re: Frozen Steak

Post  Reeta on Sun 12 Dec - 20:36

Thank you for this useful advice Mark.


If I may add this little bit of info Idea It is advisable to salt meat early. Salt reacts with the proteins inside the muscle fibres in meat. Given time, it dissolves them slightly, making the meat nice and tender.
When salt first hits the meat, it pulls moisture out. That's why the meat will be dry and tough if you salt right before cooking.

And also seasoning meat doesn’t have to be just salt and pepper - try herbs and other spices such as paprika


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Re: Frozen Steak

Post  lvgma on Tue 31 Jan - 21:49

WOW, what great information from both of you. I see that his is over a year old, but I am hoping that you will still read it. I was just wondering about salting steak. I remember hearing not to salt it right before cooking, but never knew why.
I like Mark's idea of seasoning the meat before freezing, but I am wonder and I am hoping that Reeta might have the answer, can I salt
it before putting it in the freezer. Wouldn't that be great if it
could get tenderized a little by being able to do that.
Thank you.


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Re: Frozen Steak

Post  Reeta on Wed 1 Feb - 0:19

Hi lvgma

Not if you are keeping the meat for a long period of time. Salt can speeds up the rancidity process.

It also depends on how it is packed such as vacuum seal.

I have posted a food freezing guide you may find useful.


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