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Trying to decide between Halogen Ovens

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Trying to decide between Halogen Ovens

Post  K5B7 on 02.12.10 22:11

Does anyone have any experience with these 2 ovens: Morningware Halo (Halovection) Oven and Nuwave Oven (digital model)?

Information/Ratings are sparse, but I have seen a YouTube video comparing the Nuwave to (I think) the Flavorwave, and it seems to imply that the Nuwave gave slightly better cooking results than the Flavorwave.

I've also watched the infomercials for the Halo Oven and the Nuwave Oven. What I like about the Halo Oven is the more logical controls, stainless steel racks (I've learned that the Nuwave's rack is now chrome-plated instead of stainless steel), tempered glass bottom, and the 4-way cooking (Conduction, Convection,Halogen, and "Full" Infrared)as opposed to the Nuwave's 3-way cooking (Conduction, Convection, and "Far" Infrared).

The biggest difference between the Halo Oven and the Nuwave is the heating element; the Halo Oven has a Halogen bulb and the Nuwave has a "sheath type" infrared element. Hearthware (manufacturer of the Nuwave) states that their sheath element lasts longer. Does anyone know which oven/element gives the best cooking results and is the better built and longer lasting oven?

Thanks. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Re: Trying to decide between Halogen Ovens

Post  hummingbird on 03.12.10 13:20

Hi K5B7
I don't know which one of your options is better but I cook with the 12l flavorwave oven and have little problems with the results , although the recipe / instruction book that comes with the oven is next to useless,it's easy to use and clean I choose this one because the lid is fixed so no risk of ruining a side with hot lid, mine came with all the extra's in the price. Sorry know this not much help think it personal taste which one you go for, with so many on the market :confused: Good luck in making the decision lol!

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