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Post  gallie2004 on 24.11.10 12:08

Hello, My wife & I have had the halogen oven for a few months, and I'm the one that uses it. I'm still getting used to it, find it so much quicker than the conventional oven but find it doesn't do pastry very well.If I put a pie in, the bottom doesn't cook. Look forward to using this website and experimenting with more recipes.


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Post  junie on 24.11.10 12:58

Hello and welcome Gallie2004


There are quite a few men who seem to be the main users of their HO - although it's not something that's rubbed off on my hubby yet. lol!

Pastry and baking seem to be the main areas where people struggle a bit with their ovens. A lot of trial and error has been involved - some tips include using the extender ring if you have one, using the bottom rack, lowering the temperature and cooking for longer, covering the top with foil to stop it overcooking first or any combination of these.

There's a lot of really good info on here so please have a good read when you have the time.

I'm glad you have joined us.

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Post  hummingbird on 24.11.10 13:34

Hello and Welcome Gallie2004
Have you tried blind baking bottom of pie before you cook rest of filling, most of the recipes I have for pies only have top but one recipe i do have for "proper" pie suggests to cook it in middle of ho for 30 mins @ 200c, for top to be protected from over cooking with tin foil but I have on several occasion had tin foil sucked up by fan so suggest it's weighted down hope these tips help Smile

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Post  Reeta on 24.11.10 20:26

Hello and Welcome to the forum gallie2004

you are right about cooking pastry in the halogen oven.

All you need is a bit of experimenting until you find which method works for your HO.

We used to get the same problem with pizza. The base was always uncooked.
We tried different ways to cook it until we found one that works for us.


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