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New to HO with a few disasters

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New to HO with a few disasters

Post  **val** on 09.11.10 15:01

Hi,so glad to have found your site and have read many of your comments on HO cooking.
The problem I am having is with cake making. I baked a sponge cake on low shelf, low heat but the top burnt within 6minutes, I covered the top with foil but it still didn't cook underneath.
Next I baked scones, low heat, this time foil over top straight away, same problem, bottom not cooked, had to turn scones over and I ended up with rock cakes!Also my oven browns very unevenly always to the right of oven.
Has anyone got suggestions, thankyou.


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Re: New to HO with a few disasters

Post  Reeta on 09.11.10 17:35

Hi Val,
welcome to the forum.
Don't get discouraged with a few disasters - think of it as a learning process and it can only get better the next time.

Here's a few tips for baking cakes

Preheat the HO, like you would do with the big oven

Use the extender ring to stop the top of the cake burning, turning darker before the bottom part of the cake is done

Place the cake tin/tray on the low rack because you need hot air to circulate underneath the cake.
In my opinion the low rack is too low for cakes and pizza but then the high rack is too high. Ideally we could do with a third middle rack

And you know the golden rule for Halogen Ovens - cook at a lower temperature but for longer if necessary.

Hope this helps

You said your oven browns very unevenly always to the right of the oven, this could be a defect may be? If it is still under warranty contact the seller and get a replacement.



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Re: New to HO with a few disasters

Post  junie on 09.11.10 19:58

Welcome Val


Like Reeta, I would be concerned if the browning is so uneven on your HO.
Don't be put off by a couple of disasters, you'll soon be cooking with all the confidence in the world.

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