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Extender Rings

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Extender Rings

Post  Mr Illusive on 28.10.10 18:19

First topic message reminder :

If you have one of these, they can be very useful for preventing burnt food on top and undercooked bases. I'm not too familiar with many of the other makes, but my old one wasn't great for cooking underneath and quite often if I put a pizza in there and cooked it, chances are it would need enough time to allow for the base of it to cook enough.

I use the mid level grills so that air can get underneath and flow well, as well as raising the height of the heating element using the metallic rings that fit on top of the main bowl. These don't come with every HO, but they can be useful.

Mr Illusive

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Re: Extender Rings

Post  Reeta on 07.05.15 22:13

well now you know Debbie. Very Happy

I've heard other stories regarding the extender ring. One person didn't know what to do with it, she put it in the bin   What a Face

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Re: Extender Rings

Post  LesleySM on 07.05.15 23:00

Debbiedoodler wrote:I didnt realise you had to place it on top of the bowl !!! Thank goodness I came to this forum and found out how to use it lol!

When I unpacked my HO I emailed Andrew James to say :-

"According to the description there should be an extender ring but I don't seem to have one"

When they finally stopped laughing (I suspect I brightened up a dull Monday morning and if they have a staff magazine it was probably printed under the heading "Stupid customer questions") they explained it was that big metal ring wrapped around the bowl!

I use mine all the time- the only thing to watch is as I use an extender ring with an air fry ring (Well worth getting by the way) and have the whole thing on top of my old cooker- it's a bit tall and every so often when I first used it I'd brush my wrist against it and get a burn but I haven't done that since Xmas (fingers crossed)


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Re: Extender Rings

Post  Debbiedoodler on 07.05.15 23:22

lol! I am so pleased I am not the only one who was confused !
makes me feel so much better lol :-) thank you

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