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An update on success

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An update on success

Post  Francesca on 23.09.10 12:02

I have slowly been able to find accessories to enable me to use my small HO more and more, as it was impossible to purchase accessories for it.


I can purchase extremely inexpensive disposable aluminium foil circular dishes that fit even on the low [and only rack] that came with my HO.

I have discovered that a cleaned empty tuna tin, minus top and bottom, will raise the rack so it is nearer the heating element.

I have also found the old rack that came with an ancient round electric skillet that died many years ago - I had kept the rack "just in case" - and if I put the empty tuna tin on the bottom rack and the old rack on top of it, it puts food into a grilling position.

[The old rack is 18cm diameter whereas the rack that came with the HO is 16cm diameter]

And I have found two very inexpensive sets of stainless steel bowls, one in a pudding basin shape, the other with straight sides, top circumference ranging from 10cm to 18cm. And they all have plastic lids so can be used for storage as well

I am still not using the HO as much as I will in the winter, when winter eventually arrives, but in the meantime the times I use it have been made so much easier now I have things that fit in it and also the facility to raise food nearer to the heating element.

For the times I need/use it, my little HO is probably now perfect for my requirements, and if I ever see another one of this size [and the same low price] I will definitely purchase another one.

I have, so far, seen a slightly larger one, but have yet to be convinced that it would be of any more use to me than my little one.

Best wishes to all HO owners.


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Re: An update on success

Post  Reeta on 23.09.10 15:26

Thank you for taking the time to share your update / success with us Francesca

thank you


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Re: An update on success

Post  junie on 23.09.10 16:29

Well done Francesca

You have been very inventive and I'm sure others will benefit from your improvisations. clap


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Re: An update on success

Post  Francesca on 23.09.10 17:10

I just knew I had kept the old round rack from my electric skillet/frying pan when it packed up - [I forget the name, Mellorware?] only it wasn't where I thought it would be.

But then I found it, and yes, it was exactly the right size, and being of the "make and mend" generation I decided that if I couldn't buy the parts that I needed for my HO, then I must just find other things that woould do instead.

And the racks and stainless steel pots and bowls can also be used in my new pressure cooker if needed, so they are doubly useful!


Gender : Female Posts : 25
Join date : 2010-04-24

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Re: An update on success

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