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First Go - Pie and Chips!

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First Go - Pie and Chips!

Post  rtbcomp on 20.09.10 20:01

Just got a JML V0811, 1300 W HO and tried a simple task for starters, steak & kidney pie & chips.

The pie was Netto's equivalent of the Fray Bentos product, I'll get the proper article next time!

Opened the tin and put it on the top shelf and the chips on the bottom shelf, or would have done but they fell through!

Set the oven to 175 degC and 20 mins. The pie was done perfectly with a nice raised crust, some of the chips were under-done, I'll use the old pie tin as a baking tray next time so the chips will be higher up.

I was suprised how bright the halogen was, I was expecting something nearer infra red. It didn't seem to cut out at 200 deg so that would suggest it couldn't get much hotter, even though the dial goes upto 250 degC.

So far so good, I think I fancy a crack at some bread next time.


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