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How to roast a chicken with veg?

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How to roast a chicken with veg?

Post  makum101 on 28.09.09 20:27

First topic message reminder :

After watching the TV infomercials I spotted an offer in Netto for a halogen oven in Netto for £29. Its a smallish one - 7 Litres, but as there is only the two of us and the dog I thought it was value for money.

Anyway I cooked a small 1Kg chicken on the low rack with some roast potatoes underneath today which turned out to be a disaster!

I followed the instructions in the booklet that came with the device. Placed the Potatoes (not parboiled - just raw) in the bottom of the glass bowl then put the low rack over them and popped in the whole chicken. Cooked it on 180 Degrees for the stated 35 minutes.

The chicken was cooked on the breast but the legs and lower parts were still pink and oozing blood when pricked. The roast potatoes were still raw.

In the end I ended putting the chicken back in for a further 30 minutes at a higher 200 degrees and did the spuds in the oven.

Any help on how to use this device to roast a chicken and potatoes would be great.

Also is it possible to bake Yorkshire Puddings in it?

Also on the box it states "auto clean" although i have seen them do this in the infomercials but my booklet doesn't explain how to do it.

Many thanks in advance.


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Re: How to roast a chicken with veg?

Post  'cooked'funkybootz on 25.06.11 9:55

mo wrote:I find my chicken and roasts cook perfectly. I put the chicken breast down on the top rack (bottom rack doesn't seem to help cooking the undersides of anything) and put my extender ring (a boon) on top. Dip halved raw potatoes in olive oil and add around the chicken, cut sides up. After 30-35 minutes I turn everything up the other way and cook for another 3-35 minutes. Ever since the first time I tried it, I've never had a problem.
Crying or Very sad ditto, i can't do much with the lower rack and if i put jacket spuds on it the high rack balance on the potatos!i have a extending ring...just need higher racks. i'm gonna try chooky chooky morra!


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Re: How to roast a chicken with veg?

Post  cookeen on 19.02.12 15:21

Hi again from the new person just joined today. After finding my way aound the forum found just the information i was looking for. Initially wanted someone to hold my hand but with a little bit of effort got to here. Am off to get the chicken in now. See you later Wink


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Re: How to roast a chicken with veg?

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