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Easy Peasy Bread & Butter Pudding

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Easy Peasy Bread & Butter Pudding

Post  silken on 08.09.10 19:26

Hi All,

My first attempt at cooking scones in the HO was a slight disaster. A bit brown on the top and slightly undercooked. Because of this I was going to use them for the bread & butter recipe on the forum but, while I was out, my beloved came back from work and ate most of them so there are only 4 left. So here's what I did with them:

Take 4 sweet, fruity scones, slice them up and butter the slices. Break the slices up into chunks and place in a small suitable dish. (I used a pretty pie dish.) Add extra fruit if required. I didn't as the scones had plenty of fruit in them.

Mix 7 fl oz of milk with a couple of small eggs. Add a little sugar - not too much as the scones are already sweet. (1/2 tsp vanilla optional)

Pour over the chunks of scones and leave for 10 mins or so until some of the milk has been soaked up.

Sprinkle the top with a little sugar and cinamon and pop into the bottom grid of the HO at 170c. for maybe 20 mins ... if not cooked enough, lower the temperature to 160c and test again after 10 mins.

Enjoy... Smile


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Re: Easy Peasy Bread & Butter Pudding

Post  mo on 04.10.10 21:09

Sounds good - and my sort of cooking! Will certainly try this one out.

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Re: Easy Peasy Bread & Butter Pudding

Post  junie on 27.10.10 19:03

Hi Silken

Belated thanks for this lovely recipe. I will now add it to the A-Z for other members to find easily.
thank you

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Re: Easy Peasy Bread & Butter Pudding

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