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Veal chops and sauteed pottoes

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Veal chops and sauteed pottoes

Post  Frederick on 24.08.10 10:39

Hi all... I would like to cook this all in one go if neccessary using two racks.. one high and one low
. I suppose one couls also cok any chops this way.

Please help..... Frederick


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Re: Veal chops and sauteed pottoes

Post  Reeta on 25.08.10 0:52

Hi Frederick,
it looks like no one has tried this yet. However here's a previous post from Chef Eric - may be this will give you an idea how to go about it.
Good Luck

brocklesby wrote:Placing your roast pork or any joint of meat in a tin or on the rack is a preference. I place mine on the upper rack, with the veg on the lower rack.
Do make sure that you turn the meat after cooking it for half the time scale. having it on the upper rack will let the juices drip to the base of the glass bowl.
You can put any type of cooking pan or pyrex glassware in the oven. it is not like a micro wave oven where you have to be very careful using metal containers. Do not use plastic containers in the oven they will melt unless they are oven proof.
As I mentioned before place your veg in tinfoil and put 2-3 tablespoons of water in the tinfoil parcel, when you seal it make sure you have enough space to allow the steam to work, this will generally work very well.
I have tried other methods but I have found the tinfoil the best.
Also par boil your roast potato's and place them on the upper rack after turning your meat.
If all works well your meal is all ready at the same time
Timing and temperatures are so important, I made some errors and still do. generally cook on about 175c and experiment with other temperatures.
On Christmas day I cooked a turkey crown along with all the other veg and all the food came out ready at the same time. The turkey was approx 2 kilo in weight and was ready in 1-1/2 hours which even suprised me and so moist.
I know I am transgressing but I have cooked casseroles, baked apple tarts, sausage rolls, mince pies,and chocolate cake, all came out pretty good.
Pork chops you have to be careful with though, I cooked mine on to high a temperature, best to do these on about 150c and time them bit by bit till you have it right.
Keep a book and jot down what temperatures and timings you use, this will help a great deal to get perfect cooking.
Hope this helps.

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