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Halogen ovens in general

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Halogen ovens in general

Post  Frederick on 18.08.10 10:09

Hi all.....I have been prowling the various HOson the matket and they all look identical apart from the name...howeverwhile prowling Very Happy Very Happy there does seem to bone thing in common in the reviews and that is complaints about the halogen bulb nd the impresion I get is that one does not expect the bulb/lamp to last longer that 12 months if you are lucky. The most complaints seem to be about the JML HO (which is the one I have) and it would also appear that it is impossible to obtain a replacement. I have looked at mine and to my beliefe it would be a simple matter to replace after removing the chrome shield (3 screws). How many members have used their HO fo more that 12 months ?

Your comments will be interesting....take care... Frederick Laughing Laughing


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Re: Halogen ovens in general

Post  kooky on 19.08.10 21:31

mine only just over month but it was JML suppose it vary depending on usage , use mine lot so will likely buy another but would make sense be able change bulbs Hello and Welcome

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