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Bad first impression

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Bad first impression

Post  kjsmt on 10.06.10 14:54

I have just bought a JML halogen oven after reading great reviews. My first attempt was a baked potato. The instructions said 70mins @ 200c. It was a medium size, I cooked it for 40 minutes and it was too hard and crisp to eat.
Next I tried a frozen fish pie. For conventional oven it stated cook from frozen, 50 mins @ 200c. After 15 minutes in the halogen oven it looked great, the potato/cheese top was nicely browned, but the inside was still frozen rock solid. I took it out put it in the microwave to defrost and cooked again. I wonder why I didn't just use a standard oven. What is the real use of a halogen oven, it surely is a gimmic. Also I find it really annoying how the blinding light keeps going on and off. I have a combined microwave/convential oven . If I cook a baked potato in that if will be lightly crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy in the middle in 20 minutes. My wife told me the JML gadget would be a waste of time and money.
Can anyone restore my confidence?


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Re: Bad first impression

Post  Reeta on 10.06.10 22:13

Hi kjsmt,

It appears that your combined microwave/conventional oven is it for you.

With the Halogen Oven we are all still experimenting. Even if you try a recipe from one of the recipe books (written by experts) there's no guarantee that it will turn out right.

Another point is the oven lights that will always go on and off. There is nothing you can do about that.

So in my opinion, the HO is not for you. Send it back and get a refund while you still can


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Re: Bad first impression

Post  junie on 11.06.10 11:09


It does seem that you enjoy your food from a combi microwave and the HO is an economical mini oven that will roast, bake or fry etc.

If your personal preference is for a microwaved potato, you won't enjoy an oven baked one as much.

The HO is a fan oven and cooking times and temperatures adjusted accordingly. We are all learning here and most of the manufacturer supplied guides are not worth the paper they are written on. The light is also the heat source and has to go on and off like the thermostat on a conventional oven.

I use my HO almost every day, but then I am not a microwave fan (nor do I have a microwave in my touring caravan). Many of our members use their HOs regularly too.
It comes down to what you want the oven to do for you. We are all different in our needs. If it doesn't suit you, then ask for a refund as Reeta suggested.

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Re: Bad first impression

Post  sunshinesue on 16.06.10 8:45


I love my HO, it takes time to adjust to it joints cooked in it are fab, they keep really moist, I have got Jacket Potatoes down to a 'T' but its taken time. I had mine to use mainly in my touring caravan but have to keep it indoors as I use it so much, my conventional oven is very rarely turned on. Good luck hope you get to like it.



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Re: Bad first impression

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