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Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

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Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  bluddyelle on 02.05.10 15:27

Tesco Cottage/Shepherds/Corn Beef Hash 450g ready meals and an improvided pasta bake.

No real time-saving here , but I’m thinking the cost/energy saving of putting the gas oven on v the HO would be appreciable.

All items taken out of fridge and carefully transferred (with a fish slice) for pies - to a cooking dish to keep mash on top!

190C for 25 mins on tall shelf in an oval oven-proof dish. Last 10 mins took shelf out and finished dish on bottom of the bowl - top was getting too scorched.*

Let it stand on the worktop for a min before serving - its hot!!
Wouldn’ t look this good out of an oven.

* ended up reducing this time by 5 mins - see what I mean about trial and error?

Taster rated these v. highly!

These meals were 3 for £5 at time of writing (04.2010) - so quite good on the pennies for a ready meal - and no nasties in the ingredients! 22% fat but if you served this meal with veg or a salad it would bring the meal fat /salt (2.6g) content down further.

Don’t leave food to ‘keep warm’ in the HO - or at least be aware that condensation will affect it. Also - you cannot ‘rewind’ the timer on this model so just switch off at power point and stand with the handle upright until it dings. the dials are clockwork and need to run out on their own.


Last Night’s Leftover Pasta

Oh shut up - you might be making Lobster Thermidore and Souffle in your HO but mine is more pragmatic.

Pasta - big fat spirals, broccolli florets, button mushrooms, red pepper, peas and sweetcorn in cherry tomato and balsamic sauce.

Plonk a good serving in an oven proof bowl from storage box in fridge.
Add a few slices frozen cheese*.
HO on 250C for 5 mins, stir in slightly melted cheese.
HO on 250C for 8 mins.
Check for piping hotness, stand if too hot and then devour.
I placed my cooking bowl straight on to the bottom of the HO for this one as I didn't want it to dry out too much.

* I buy the best quality, strongly-flavoured cheddar type cheese I can and then thinly-slice or grate and store in the freezer in a Tupperware-type box (wrapped first to stop freezer burn/drying out) and use as required. I’m the only person who eats cheese in this house and much as I could hoover up a nice bit of Black Bomber - it is much kinder to my arteries to have a tiny bit now and then. You can do the same with Parmesan shavings but I’ve not found a way of dealing with feta which I love but which often goes off before I’ve used it all.

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Re: Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  junie on 03.05.10 10:49

Hi B

Thanks for these. Simple everyday cooking tips are always appreciated. I have posted your pasta dish on the A-Z to make it easier to find.


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Re: Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  Reeta on 03.05.10 18:08

thank you for taking the time to post these recipes B

I am sure other members will also use them even if they couldn't spare 2 minutes to post a thank you Rolling Eyes

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Re: Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  munchkin on 08.09.10 10:24

thank you for a very good and tasty sounding cookin tip .I will try it on the OH later on Very Happy

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Re: Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  valkyrtb on 08.12.10 13:25

Hi Bluddyelle,

Good to see a fellow devourer Good one

I'm also enjoying using my HO for pragmatic meals - although I prefer the term 'comfort' food agree

Before investing in my HO I was using a Baby Belling which took forever just to get to starting temperature and I'm convinced running up a massive electric bill - so I'd pretty much abandoned oven cooking

My HO has changed all that it was a joy to cook (and devour feedme ) pasta bakes once more. My guilty pleasure is the jar sauces - Colmans are my favorite, although Dolmio do some and if you want to dream of lobster thermidor then Llyod Grosman does an 'Al Forno' range for pretend poshness

Cheers cheers


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Re: Tesco 450g ready meals and an improvised pasta bake

Post  glou on 12.02.11 22:07

thanks for tips,great time saver.


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