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Chops and baked spuds

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Chops and baked spuds

Post  ElaKenn62 on 25.04.10 11:37

Hello, I am a OAP and have just been given a JML Halogen oven but I cannot find out how to cook chops and baked spuds i.e which shelf and temp.
Can anyone help please
Elaine Embarassed


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Re: Chops and baked spuds

Post  junie on 25.04.10 15:08

Hi Elaine and welcome


What a great present you have been given. The ovens don't come with a lot of information which is why this forum is a great help to all of us.

There is a lot of very helpful information contained in the previous posts so having a browse around them when you have time is a good start. The A-Z also has a selection of members' recipes.

The ovens can vary a bit so it's good old trial and error for most things until you get e 'feel' for your particular model. Medium baked potatoes take around 40 minutes at 200C on the top shelf. Chops will vary depending on size/weight/boned/boneless etc. Generally speaking, I would use the top shelf at 180 - 200C and cut the time a bit from what I would use in my conventional oven. It is good that you can see what is going on inside the oven and easy to test regularly for 'doneness'.
Other members advise keeping a note of what works with your recipe so that you can refer to it again.

Don't be frightened to experiment - anything that will cook in your standard oven will cook quite happily in your Halogen oven - just a bit quicker on the whole.

Hope this is helpful.


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