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How do you define cooking?

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How do you define cooking?

Post  LesleySM on 19.01.16 21:46

Been having an outline debate with a friend

This is the friend who when I said did anyone know about this halogen oven things? Told me she had one and I'd love it

Recently she said I should get a proper oven as she thought I'd got rid of mine and when I explained I plan to as I only use the halogen these days she said "They're not real ovens they're just for warming up stuff you brought and that's not cooking"

I told her the other Sunday I roasted half a shoulder of lamb with potatoes, honey roast parsnips and Yorkshire puddings she said she reckoned it was all from frozen and didn't count (I admit the parsnips were and so were the Yorkshire puddings)

Now she's mad at me she's one of these people who always knows best but it occurred me why shouldn't warming something up not count as cooking? Surely cooking is making something inedible into something edible?


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