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Had my HO for a few months now and love it,

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Had my HO for a few months now and love it,

Post  lin.b on 19.07.15 10:04

Had my HO for a few months now and love it,
i use it almost every day for everything from breakfast to bread, cakes and roasts my conventional oven is well and truly redundant and now used to store all my HO bit`s and bob`s.
Had 1 or 2 misshaps but learning by my mistakes.
My only moan is i wish some bright spark would come up with a design for an easier clean lid


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Re: Had my HO for a few months now and love it,

Post  LesleySM on 22.07.15 21:38

Totally agree- I got mine in January last year and now the big oven's only function is somewhere to put the HO on.

I love the convenience of it-I'm a carer as well as working full time so being able to shove something in of a morning while I'm getting ready for work (and coming in tired and doing the same) is wonderful It's a bit like having a microwave for convenience but with much better results

And at the weekend (or when I am off work and have time to enjoy cooking- which I never used to) I use it for all sorts of things. Like Sunday I roasted a shoulder of lamb so we had that with roast spuds etc for Sunday dinner, then the cold meat did with chips for Monday and sandwiches for me both Monday and Tuesday (and the cats got to clear the scraps off the bone)

Also today I baked some part baked rolls the flat smells of fresh baked bread and I can take them into work for lunch for the next couple of days

I just love it! I've introduced a few friends to the HO as well and we all love it!


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