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Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

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Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

Post  RafeDonson on 25.04.15 21:42

I'm going to buy a halogen oven and I'm tempted by the Andrew James model. However, it comes in two varieties, one with a hinged lid, one without.

The hinged lid one is more pricey, but seems like a better option - except that some people have reported the hinge breaking/jamming, and that there's nothing to stop it falling down.

The non-hinged lid version, on the other hand, is cheaper and comes with a lid holder. Though some have said this is a bit fiddly to use, and have resorted to just putting it on a cloth. Is there anything else you could put the lid on, that wouldn't burn perhaps? Or is the lid holder not as a fiddly as they make out.

Any advice on the above or which version to get would be appreciated.


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Re: Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

Post  Reeta on 26.04.15 16:28

Hello RafeDonson

The hinged-lid HO - If you have wall units above your counter tops you won't be able to open the lid. To open the lid fully, you need space on top.

I bought the cheaper version - non-hinged lid . I have enough room on my counter top to place the lid so that works well for me.

The lid holder is not fiddly at all. Just figure out the correct way to use it and that's it. I have been using mine since 2009 without any problem.

I have also read about the hinged-lid jamming or didn't align with the bowl after it had been used for a while. The question is - Will this happen to yours? You can take a risk and find out.

If I have to buy another halogen oven, I will still choose the basic version, non-hinged lid.


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Re: Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

Post  LesleySM on 26.04.15 22:08

I've got the non hinged model and it's not a problem

You might (I did) have to think s minute to work out which way to put the lid stand up the first time but after that it's easy

I don't have units just above my HO but I find it easy once cooking has finished just to take the lid off, put it on the stand, serve the food then put the lid back on

Also bear in mind with the hinged lids you can't use extender rings - my set up has an air fryer ring then an extender ring for most of the time and I'd be unable to have both on if it was a hinged lid


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Re: Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

Post  littlemisssmall on 26.05.15 11:14

i have just purchased the andrew james halogen with the hinged lid - its still brand new , and has only been used once but so far i like it. Which one did you choose in the end? Very Happy


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Re: Hinged lid or non-hinged lid?

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