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Newbie Andrew James 12 L Hinged Lid

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Newbie Andrew James 12 L Hinged Lid

Post  debs535 on 28.01.15 11:01

Hi, I have used my new Halogen oven yesterday for the first time. I love seeing the food cook! No more hot kitchen. I purchased this as the oven is such a waste of gas energy for two of us, plus it heats the small kitchen up.

I cooked three chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, for the BBQ chicken recipe sachet. I reduced the temperature slightly and watched. I tested with a skewer several times and served up with the sauce. I was pleased with the result, the outside was a little dry, and one of the breasts had a small blood spot, so I will have to be a bit more careful.

I then tried the cake recipe, what a disaster. The recipe states, high rack with extender. Again watched it cook, and it looked cooked on the top as it was shrinking away from the sides, skewer test showed no cake mix. Took it out early and tested with finger, quite spongey, or so I thought. turned it out on a cooling rack and it was all gooey underneath. Ooops, anyway, slopped it back in the tin and finished it off.

I don't like the texture of the victoria sandwich recipe, its like a microwave pudding. I don't think I will use it for cakes; crumbles perhaps.

Hope to learn lots of tips on this forum.



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Andrew James hinged lid 12ltr

Post  eileen54 on 28.01.15 15:10

I have had this cooker for the last 2 yrs, I always bake cakes in it. I use the andrew james cake baker with the lid on and the extension ring on the low rack using the temp and time I would use in the normal oven. If making a victoria sandwich I put it on the low rack with the extension ring . Hope this helps


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Used nearly everyday

Post  debs535 on 11.02.15 14:23

Hello, since my last post, I have used it virtually everyday. Last night, I cooked frozen scampi, best scampi I ever had.
Rhubarb Crumble, brilliant.
I now cook my partner a breakfast, with sausages, mushrooms, bacon on the top rack with baking tray. Its a job I hate doing, but with the halogen oven, it makes it less messy than washing grills, and stinking the kitchen out. Smile

Its my favourite kitchen gadget.


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Re: Newbie Andrew James 12 L Hinged Lid

Post  LesleyM on 11.02.15 21:34

debs535 wrote: Its my favourite kitchen gadget.

Same here

Frozen scampi is just lovely

Mine right now is getting a clean

It's no understatement to say my HO has changed the way I feel about cooking- used to dislike it unless it was something I could microwave, which was tasteless but it was all the preparation if I did cook. And all the stuff that looked nice in the ready meals department needed to be oven cooked and that meant heating up the oven for 30 or so minutes then say cooking it for half an hour.

Now most of the time we use the HO and the amount we used to spend on takeaways means it paid for itself in the 1st month we got it.

I like that I can leave it as well- I have to make breakfast for my partner as he's disabled but I also have to get ready for work. So tomorrow I'll just pop some sausages and chips in for 15 minutes whilst I have a shower and get dressed etc. Then they'll be ready and I just have to take them out and serve them

I'm even getting ambitious in the cooking department the other week I roasted a shoulder of lamb with goosefat roasted potatoes- it was really good


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Re: Newbie Andrew James 12 L Hinged Lid

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