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New to halogen oven

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New to halogen oven Empty New to halogen oven

Post  Emilysbagpuss on 21.01.15 16:01

Hi. My mum brought us a halogen oven last week. I'm a bit intimidated by it lol.


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New to halogen oven Empty Re: New to halogen oven

Post  LesleyM on 21.01.15 21:49

Emilysbagpuss wrote:Hi. My mum brought us a halogen oven last week. I'm a bit intimidated by it lol.

Hi Emily

Don't be. I was a bit. I'd read all the stuff and wanted one but the other half was convinced it was another "gimmick" and would soon end up in a cupboard somewhere. The very first thing I cooked was an out of date steak pie that neither of us wanted and I swear the chef to the Royal Family preparing a massive banquet for heads of state would have been more relaxed than I was.

that was almost a year ago and now LesleyM who famously "Can't cook"- can!

My other half eats well and so do I and we've saved a small fortune (I worked it out as about £150 a month saved on takeaways and the electric bills- yes we used to get a lot of takeaways- remember I couldn't cook)

A couple of things I wished I'd known when I started

1. Foil is your friend whether just to put down to pick up spills or to wrap food in to stop it burning at the top- find a source of reasonably priced foil ("Wikinson's" for me) and buy a few rolls

2. You can look and see how things are doing but have the lid stand and tongs ready when you do in case things need turned over

3. Expect to get burnt on the extender ring a few times of you use one

4 Consider an air fry ring- some people don't like them but my basic set up is to have that on top of the bowl with an extender ring on top

5 If the cooking instructions mention "fan oven" use that setting

Remember the Xmas before last put Xmas dinner was eggs and bacon

This Xmas we had Hunter's chicken, goosefat roast potatoes and sprouts with bacon and the next day I picked up a bargain ready stuffed bacon wrapped turkey joint and managed to do that

You will make mistakes but within a very short time you will get the hang of it and once you do there won'r any stopping you


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