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Shattered lid

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Shattered lid

Post  Laylacat on 29.04.14 10:28

New to HOs, so I'm delighted to have found this forum.

I'd had my HO for about three weeks and was halfway through cooking my Easter Sunday roast when there was a loud 'crack'. To my horror the glass lid was crazed like a windscreen that has been hit by a stone. Andrew James were brilliant and replaced it within a few days. Has anybody else had this happen? I find myself listening out for a 'crack' every time I use the darn thing!


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Re: Shattered lid

Post  Reeta on 29.04.14 16:49

Hi Laylacat
no one here has told us about cracked lid before but we've had a few cracked bowl.
It is not a good practice to pour cold water in a hot bowl as this could crack the glass.
Also an air bubble in the glass bowl or lid could be the cause for a crack.

Relax and enjoy your cooking experience Laylacat. You have a 2 years warranty for peace of mind and yes AJ customer service is excellent.

We are glad you found us  Smile 

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Re: Shattered lid

Post  LesleyM on 29.04.14 21:33

A friend of mine (she who persuaded me that I would love a halogen) had a bowl spontaneously crack- it wasn't hot or anything she and her cat were sitting in the room next to the kitchen when she heard a cracking noise and found the bowl had cracked- she got a new halo (it was almost 5 years old) but she got an expensive one then found she didn't like the timer as much as on her old one so she's using the new bowl with the old lid and that works fine!


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Re: Shattered lid

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