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Dehydrator setting on Andrew James oven

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Dehydrator setting on Andrew James oven

Post  chrisjaz on 27.04.14 12:46

I am still experimenting with my oven (wish the was a tv programe on them seems to lots of cooking shows but none on Halogen cooking !)
Anyhow was i am womdering is - i have a setting on my oven Heat Dry Dehydrator , has anyone used it to dry out food , i am thinking of Apples , but am now sure what would work ,also what rack i would use .
I know you can buy Dehyrators and wondered if this would do the same .



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Re: Dehydrator setting on Andrew James oven

Post  Reeta on 27.04.14 17:16

Hi ChrisJaz,
you do get a few halogen oven shows on IdealWorld.TV, whenever they have an item to sell and also on the JML cooking channel. But you don't get any advice, tips for when things don't work. They make everything look perfect and easy.

I have seen only one recipe so far (if you could call this a recipe)
Dehydrator recipes
Apples - cut one large apple into 1/4 inch thick slices and place on the low rack
Cook at 220ºF for 1 hour and 15 minutes or until dry but supple.

There is a useful post here

Hope this helps

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