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HO v. pressure cooker

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HO v. pressure cooker

Post  LesleyM on 13.04.14 19:12

A friend has had his old pressure cooker pack up on him and is wondering if an HO would be better- basically he can afford to buy one or the other- he loves making curries and chilli in his pressure cooker but can he make them in an HO?


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Re: HO v. pressure cooker

Post  Reeta on 15.04.14 11:42

No reply yet? I guess not many people on this forum use a pressure cooker!

Well I use one Lesley, in fact my whole family and friends of my family, they all use a pressure cooker practically everyday.

For the best chillies, stews, casseroles, etc  I can recommend a pressure cooker.  I would not be able to cook pulses (red kidney beans, butter beans, lentils, …) without it. I don’t need/use it for chicken curries but friends of mine use theirs for beef curries. They say it makes a tough piece of meat tender. It is both energy saving and time saving.

You can cook chillies with can red kidney beans in the HO but it’s a bit of a palava and the result is not that great when compared to chillies in the pressure cooker.

In my opinion your friend should buy another pressure cooker.

Hope this helps.

x x

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