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Hi my name is Kezo

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Hi my name is Kezo

Post  Kezo on 08.04.14 0:33

I am really interested in getting a Halogen oven.  Hubby says to find out if you can only cook a roast in it or other things before we save to buy one.  The main reason I would like to get one is to cut down the electric bill, as I have heard they are good on running costs to a conventional electric oven.  I would be grateful if anyone may be able to confirm this and also may be able to advise on the type we should invest in please?  There is only the two of us but I would like to be able to cater for more people if we have visitors for a meal.  I am looking forward to getting to know you guys and looking through the recipes, as I have already seen that there are a whole load of them.
Thank you in advance of any advice (all gratefully received).


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Re: Hi my name is Kezo

Post  Reeta on 09.04.14 20:24

Hi Kezo,
you can cook various meals not just a roast chicken. If you take a look at the recipes, it will give you an idea of what you can cook in your HO.

Some people struggle with cakes, bread, pizza, etc. After a little bit of experimenting and following the tips in this forum, you should be fine.  

There is plenty of space to cook for 2 people. For visitors? -  that depends on many you normally invite for a meal.

Reducing your electric bill? yes of course it does. You don't have to preheat a huge oven to cook a meal for 2.

The Andrew James is a good buy. It is a 12 LTR Premium Halogen Oven Cooker + Easily Replaceable Spare Bulb + 2 YEAR WARRANTY + 128 page Recipe Book -
Complete with Extender Ring (Up to 17 Litres) Lid Holder, Baking Tray, Steamer Tray, Skewers, Low and High Racks, for £39.99

We are happy to see you on Board Kezo. You know where we are if you need any advice


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Re: Hi my name is Kezo

Post  LesleyM on 12.04.14 0:13

Hi Kezo

You can certainly do more than roast in a halo and the tabletop versions aren't that expensive- I think with postage my 12 litre with most accesories was £55 and has paid for itself many times over


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Re: Hi my name is Kezo

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