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Basic model, no clean cycle? No problem !!

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Basic model, no clean cycle? No problem !!

Post  Badger on 22.03.14 23:52

Have just acquired another HO without a wash, self clean cycle.
No problem, just set at 60-100 c dash of washing up liquid and Luke warm water, dial up 15 minutes and, hey presto!! Just like new'

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Re: Basic model, no clean cycle? No problem !!

Post  LesleyM on 24.03.14 13:38

Which is all a wash cycle does anyway- I have noticed that you don't really need to wash them that often (yes I'm becoming something of an expert on cleaning HO's, which tells you what a messy cook I am). I've lined the bottom with foil to catch any drips and I cook most things on foil - cheap foil works just as well as expensive stuff. When I take the soiled foil out I wipe the inside glass with a damp cloth with warm water and leave it to dry. For slightly heavier stains I use a soft washing up brush to get them off with a little neat washing up liquid then wipe them up with a damp cloth as above. Once a week then I just run a 15 minute wash cycle and rinse it out and it comes up like new


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