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Chicken BBQ Melt

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Chicken BBQ Melt Empty Chicken BBQ Melt

Post  LesleyM on 22.02.14 19:57

Tonight I decided to cook rather than just reheat frozen stuff (not the the the HO isn't brilliant for that) or use something ready prepared and I came up with this- it's inspired by one of my favourite things to eat in the local Wetherspoons" and came out even better and is the first time I've cooked properly in years!

1.  Flatten a chicken breast  
2.  Put in HO at 220 for 5 minutes on the air fryer tray with the extender ring on
3. Then turn it over and repeat for 5 minutes
4. Run a skewer through the chicken-the juice should be nearly clear
5. Apply a generous helping of BBQ/Reggae-Reggae sauce to the chicken making sure it's all covered (I also put some garlic salt on but that's an accquired taste)
6.  Lay 3 rashers of unsmoked bacon over the chicken
7. Cook for 4 minutes
8. Lay a few slices of cheese on top
9 Cook for another 2 minutes until the cheese is bubbling

I had mine with roasted leeks and a roasted red onion and a couple Birds Eye vegetable fingers

The chicken was deliciously juicy- my partner thought it could have done with another minute or two so adapt depending on how well you like the chicken done


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