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Breakfast rack

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Breakfast rack

Post  LesleyM on 17.02.14 21:19

My glorious plan is to dump my George Foreman-not I hasten to add that it isn't a decent bit of kit but mine is 9 years old and starting to show its age after spending much of that 9 years getting some heavy use. It's a space issue if I can duplicate what it does in the HO then the space it will free up can be used to get one of those table top 2 hob things for those occasions when I just want to warm up soup or a tin of veggies as it is the HO is sitting on top of the old cooker and it's hard to find somewhere to put it if I want to use the rings, which have been the only part of the cooker I've used in years so I have got a breakfast rack as the main function of the George F has been to do bacon and mushrooms or sauages (And we've already worked out sausages do that much better in the HO)

So how do I do boiled eggs in it? Everyone seems to say you just drop them into the egg tray on the breakfast rack but I'm finding it hard to believe I won't need water?


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