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Post  christineanne on 15.02.14 12:28

Hi. This is my first visit. I have recently bought an efbe-schott halogen oven and I am not too sure how to use it properly. Most of the stuff on the web for this oven seems to be in German.


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Re: new on the site

Post  LesleyM on 15.02.14 21:21

Okay with nearly 4 weeks experience I can tell you it's amazingly simple for the basics. Put food on rack or racks I usually put foil under what I am cooking simply because it keeps things clean any fat etc lands on the foil and once the foil has cooled down I just scrunch it up and bin it- doesn't have to be expensive foil I just use the cheapest. Put food in oven- work out temperature (I've found if you're using anything that comes with cooking instructions- use the setting they mention as for fan assisted oven) set timer- I aim for 20-25 minutes for most things then switch it on and just keep an eye on it 'cos the brilliant bit is you can see how things are doing and adjust your cooking time accordingly- when it's all done, be very careful about taking the lid off- have the stand ready, use oven gloves the lid etc is very hot, take the food out and serve it


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