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New addition

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New addition

Post  Wilky on 03.02.14 18:25

I have just ordered my Halogen Oven, to be delivered on Wednesday.  I love trying new recipes, so am hoping for inspiration. Laughing


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Re: New addition

Post  LesleyM on 03.02.14 22:12

Well you've come to the right place! I've only had mine up for a week and a day and I love it and so does my partner! Tonight we've found potato croquettes have never tasted better! And the grillsteaks tasted okay...well they were 6 for £2 i.e. rubbish but much helped by baked beans on top- we're actually considering a ready prepared boneless chicken breast and roast spuds for Sunday this week when we long ago gave up on a proper Sunday lunch due to the cost of the oven

Although it looks like I tried to slash my wrist once due to mearly dropping my extender ring and catching it badly but that's the only major accident I've had - oh yes the extender ring is wonderful but it gets hot and in a way is harder to handle than the lid since once you work out which way the lid holder goes up it's a seconds work to lift it off and put it securely on the holder


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Re: New addition

Post  Reeta on 05.02.14 9:12

Hi Wilky,

reading the posts is where you will find inspiration.


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Re: New addition

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