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Differences in Fray Bentos pies

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Differences in Fray Bentos pies

Post  LesleyM on 27.01.14 22:02

My partner Dave was really skeptical about a halogen oven and since I largely brought it for him as I am at work where I have a canteen in the week but he is at home and being disabled he really can't use the oven never mind it costs a fortune to heat up I knew I had to make a case for keeping it and not letting it be another "gimmick" that will eventually get covered in dust before being shoved in a cupboard somewhere....

So yesterday I put a Fray Bentos steak and kidney pie in- no pie was ever watched so dilligently-Dave loves Fray Bentos pies but since he couldn't use the oven hasn't had one in ages...finally it looked done to me and I served it...He took the first bite and nearly burst into tears for it was perfect! I suspect when I wasn't looking he may have kissed the halogen oven!

Tonight I did the chicken and mushroom one, same settings but the top did burn and didn't rise the same way- I think it needs a little less time?


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Re: Differences in Fray Bentos pies

Post  Reeta on 28.01.14 17:36

... so Dave is now a Halogenius!    cool 

as I said in other posts, with a bit of practice /experimenting, you will soon get it right for your HO. Remember to keep notes every time you cook something for the first time.

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