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Where do I start?

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Where do I start?

Post  LesleyM on 12.01.14 22:03

I've heard a lot about halogen ovens and they sound okay for my situation I guess. There's just me and my partner (and our cats) at home. When we first moved in we got the cooker but increasingly we only use a ring or two on it- the oven is just too big and takes at least 20 minutes just to warm up. I work in the week so rarely cook for myself of an evening as we have a canteen at work and at least one night I meet friends in the pub and have dinner there. My partner has some disability problems which have got worse over the last few years so he couldn't bend down to open the oven door and put stuff in it.

So having been given some money over Xmas I now have an Andrew James 10L with all the racks etc and I have also brought the air wave frying dish

Basically it's main use will be Dave making dinner (at the moment he lives off soup, luncheon meat and beans, warmed up macaroni cheese, sandwiches or more often than that doesn't bother then moans at me about how he hasn't had anything to eat)

The recipe book I got isn't much help "The Everyday Halogen Oven Cookbook"- full of lovely ideas some of which I could consider but for a simple start Dave loves Fray Bentos pies- now I understand I need to cover the top with foil and the foil needs to be pinned down or it will blow away and could possibly damage the element but how long would it take? I can put tin containers in can't I? Unlike a microwave

He also loves frozen potato croquettes or wedges or oven chips how do they do?

Another one is can you bake sausages in the oven?

I think with a bit of practice I could even do a small roast dinner with veggies but with Dave I need to get these things right or he'll just dismiss it as another gadget and not use it so I don't have a lot of leeway to learn with so forgive me for some stupid questions


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Re: Where do I start?

Post  Reeta on 13.01.14 21:46

Hi Lesley,
this oven is ideal for Dave.
There is a post about Fray Bentos pies somewhere. Basically you follow the fan oven instruction on the tin but reduce the temp by about 20 degree. You only cover the top with foil for certain food otherwise the top get too brown and inside is not fully cook.
You can use any containers, tins, etc that you would normally use in your 'big oven'

Frozen potato croquettes, wedges, oven chips, sausages all cook well in the halogen oven.

Most of these topics have already been posted. It would be beneficial for Dave to read the posts when he has some free time.

You are right Lesley, with a little practice and keeping notes for your cooking time and temp, this will become a very useful appliance in your kitchen.

What stupid question?  I only read questions from a first time Halogen oven user. I was at that stage once Lesley and no one to advise me.

Now you know where we are if you need help.


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hi lesley

Post  artyuk on 15.01.14 17:13

hi lesley,a coincidence i no but i tried my first fray bentos pie the other day,just put it on the top shelf didnt cover it with anything and it cooked perfect,just dont remember what i cooked it on or for how long,i usually take a look at cooking times and heat on the tin and knock it down by nearly half,i dont take alot of notice,i find if i just keep an eye on things then theres no disasters,once you have got used too it you can practically guess the settings,thats all i do,set it to what i think and keep an eye on it,only had 1 real disaster and that was boiling an egg,i also have the air fryer,makes great chips with just a table spoon of oil,dont be afraid of it,just experiment,you will have it in no time


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So far so good

Post  LesleyM on 19.01.14 23:59

I finally got rid of my family members and not I hasten to add by shoving them in the halogen oven. I decided I had to work out where to put it 'cos if I couldn't I'd have to send it back but lo and behold! I got a really cheap breakfast tray for £3 that means I can sit it on top of my cooker and there's just about enough space that if we want to use a ring on said cooker (only thing we use the cooker for) I can easily pull the HO onto the worktop until the rings cools down and if I am using the HO the same space on the side is where I can put the lid down


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It worked!

Post  LesleyM on 26.01.14 15:08

The Fray Bentos pie had to work- After coming up for 36 years together I know Dave well enough to know if it didn't then he wouldn't use the oven and it would sit there gathering dust until it got shoved in a cupboard somewhere along with everything else.

So I set the oven to the temperature and shorter cooking time on the top, figuring as I could see it cooking if it started to burn or looked underdone I could adjust, didn't pre heat- figured that i was using the normal oven temperature whereas most people say 10-20% less so that might compensate. I put some foil on the high rack and used the extender ring so the pie had room to rise and not touch the element.

25 minutes later the oven pinged and I loved how little mess there was, I took the foil out, wrapped the empty pie case in it and chucked it in the bin- oven still looks pristine

And Dave got served a Fray Bentos pie cooked just the way he likes them and is now converted to halogen!


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