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Love, love, love

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Love, love, love

Post  BusyBarb on 09.01.14 16:45

Well my Christmas parcel did contain a HO as I hoped. Have used it almost every day since Christmas and I love it. Have done chicken - superb as everyone said, gammon, again super. Rice is a miracle, no more steam! Baked a super little cake in the rice/cake bowl. Sausages great. Trying frozen breaded fish plus frozen chips tonight, so I am sure they will be perfect also. Think the secret is to remember it is an OVEN and use it as such. Thank you Andrew James for your wonder HO (with hinged lid), I love you...oh and thank you Santa


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Re: Love, love, love

Post  Reeta on 09.01.14 19:26

Barb you must have been a 'good girl' last year  santa

I am glad it's all working well for you. Some people struggled at first or are scared to use it.


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air fry

Post  artyuk on 15.01.14 17:25

hi,you should purchase the air fry,makes pefect home made chips with just a table spoon of oil and can be cooked along with the fish,tried fish and homemade chips last week,the air fry cooks them perfect


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Re: Love, love, love

Post  LesleyM on 18.01.14 20:54

BusyBarb wrote:. Sausages great.  

How did you do the sausages? I have to persuade my partner that this is not a gimmick but something he can use when I'm at work to rustle up a quick meal.Because of his disability issues (and the fact the electric bills for the cooker made him wince) he can't use the conventional oven. One of the things he used to love was popping oven chips and sausages in the oven so if I can produce that he'll probably be converted on the spot! (If not someone else here has told me how to cook a Fray Bentos pie and having one of those the next day will be the killer punch!)


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Re: Love, love, love

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