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Temprature and Time Conversions

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Temprature and Time Conversions

Post  Ray G on 26.11.13 15:28

Hello, I\'m new here Can anyone tell me if there is a quick way to convert cooking times and temperatures used in non HO cookbooks and on manufactures food labels to HO times and temperatures. For example, I have a pack of sausages and the instructions say cook from frozen in the oven (conventional) 190C / Fan 160c / Gas 5 for 25 -30 mins. How does this equate to a HO oven.
Also, most of the recipes I have found in HO cookbooks are to serve 4 - 6 People. To cook these dishes for one person can I just divide by the number of people and leave the times and temperatures the same or do I need to adjust the times and temperatures as well?  please

Ray G

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Re: Temprature and Time Conversions

Post  Reeta on 28.11.13 20:21

Hi Ray,
You should follow the temp for fan oven. Smaller piece /size of food will cook quicker than the guide on the packet.  
When you cook something for the first time in your halogen oven, it’s a good practice to keep notes of the cooking time and temp etc.
For food that are ‘thicker’ and bigger size it's best to reduce the temp by about 20 degree and cook for longer if needed. The reason is – to allow the food time to cook in the centre without getting brown too quick on the outside.
Smaller portion will of course take less time to cook. Keep an eye on your food and note the timing for the next time.  You will need a bit of experimenting at first

Please read the posts when you have the time. You will find lots of tips and advice among them.  


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