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Dinner for 3

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Dinner for 3 Empty Dinner for 3

Post  Queensmessenger on 20.02.13 18:15

One week in and still experimenting.
Dinner tonight was one lamb chop(boned) for me and 3 chicken thighs for my better half and daughter accompanied by roast veg (the meat that is, not my daughter).
Potatoes, carrots and sliced onions on low rack on a roasting tray after brushing with rapeseed oil.
Chicken thighs on high rack in a foil plate again after brushing with rapeseed oil.
Cooked for 25 mins at 190deg then turned chicken over and moped some of the fat from the foil dish with paper towels and continued cooking for 10 more minutes.
At this stage I put my lamb chop in another foil dish, brushed with oil and cooked for 7 minutes before turning over for another 7 mins.
At the end of this total cooking time of 49/50 mins. I performed a juggling act and switched the meats to the lower rack and the veg to the upper rack.
This kept the meat hot and allowed the veg to brown a little.
Verdict from family - delicious all cooked and nothing raw.
Next time I will cook the veg on the high rack first for 15 mins then switch them to the low rack and add chicken to top rack followed by lamb and cook as before after increasing temp to 210 deg This will roast the veg a little more. My wife insisted on cooking cauli and sprouts on the hob in a pan but I think even these would have roasted in the HO.
Maybe a bit ambitious at this early stage but it worked.


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