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Adjusting receipes

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Adjusting receipes

Post  Queensmessenger on 18.02.13 23:37

One week in and have eaten ourselves stupid on scones, biscuits, meat joints and soft boiled eggs. New receipe book is getting covered in pencil notations where I have been adjusting to suit my own particular oven. Scones have had the largest number of changes and am now finalising on 190 deg, high shelf, extender rack and 15 minutes but watch for over browning and be prepared to interupt time to turn them over and cook to end. Now using Post-it notes stuck on receipe pages showing adjustments needed until happy with results. Only then will I actually write the adjustments onto the page. Keeps the books pristine looking.


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Re: Adjusting receipes

Post  Reeta on 19.02.13 16:03

Queensmessenger wrote:... I have been adjusting to suit my own particular oven...
This is very important if we want to get good results. Just following a recipe from the HO recipe book do not always work, or it works for one person and not for someone else.

Experiment a bit and you will get it right for your oven

Thank you for this useful tip and advice Doug.

you are a star

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