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Change heating element on Andrew James HO

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Change heating element on Andrew James HO

Post  Queensmessenger on 16.02.13 23:01

This topic is explained well in the instruction booklet that comes with the oven but after some use the 3 cross head screws that secure the cover over the element are prone to become baked into the lid and can prove very difficult if not impossible to remove by the normal handy-person with a cross head screwdriver. For this reason I would advise that is worth loosening then re-tightening these 3 screws at a regular interval of say every two months use.
This will make their eventual removal for real in order to change the heating element and extremely easy job. Perhaps the little screw securing the cover plate on the connector could also be afforded this same treatment, although to do this would mean the complete removal of the element cover but again this is simply done.


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