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Impulse purchase finds me here at midnight

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Impulse purchase finds me here at midnight

Post  pixikin on 18.11.12 0:21

Hello all.
Yesterday I popped into Aldi for some veggies and 'accidentally' bought a halogen oven. I'm aware that this is very much 'bottom end', but I was there & it was there & it was affordable & I remembered that my ex had mentioned that (having seen one in action at a friend's) a halogen may suit my busy life/financial limitations being a single mum-of-one.
So I've spent this evening trying to figure out what to do with it. This has involved lots of surfing, checking out recipe books on Amazon & reading so many reviews that I'm completely befuddled.
Then I stumbled across this website & it seemed a good place to start.
So here I am.
I've so far managed to get it out of the box. I've looked (briefly) at the poor instructions. I've made space for it in the kitchen.
Tomorrow I plan to do a bit more reading on here.
Then plug it in if I'm feeling brave.
& perhaps even have a go at something VERY simple. If I'm feeling REALLY brave, that is!
Wish me luck...
Bye for now.


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Re: Impulse purchase finds me here at midnight

Post  ozziejude on 18.11.12 5:54

Hello and Welcome
I am sure, when you have time to look at the tips and recipes you will master it.
Take Care

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Re: Impulse purchase finds me here at midnight

Post  _Dave_ on 18.11.12 8:45

Hi pixikin

I'm new too and if you like boiled eggs then do as I did and start there Smile

I pre-heated for 2 mins (the light goes out once it hit's the rightt temperature and then put your eggs well spaced apart on the top rack and cook for 8-10 mins.

If you have an extension ring use that to help the air circulate.

Perfect creamy eggs cook all the way through!


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Re: Impulse purchase finds me here at midnight

Post  haley066 on 29.12.12 0:30

Hi Vik,

I saw that oven at Ali and would have bought it if I did not already have one. I do not believe it is bottom line. I did a little research and discovered that the appliances offered by Aldi often have a customer service insert that directs you to the better known brands. Simply a matter of volume purchasing and name change.

I think you will love it.

Btw..we are neighbors...Haley


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