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making your own accessories.

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making your own accessories.

Post  Ron night on 12.10.12 3:41

I almost had a catastrophy when lifting a roast pork out of the oven using 2 pairs of tongs.I was lifting the pork and the rack as the pork was stuck to the rack. One of the tongs slipped and the pork and the rack ended up falling back into the oven. I ended up then sticking a fork into each end of the pork and lifted it out that way but also burnt my little finger on the glass sticking one of the forks in.
This morning i had a brain wave on making a simple pair of rack lifting tools using something that all of us have.òne of those cheap wire coat hangers. So i found a nice clean shiny one and the 2 bends are already formed on the hanger. I cut the first leg off close to the hook just with a pair of pliers that also have the wire cutting jaws, and then the same on the other side so now i had a coat hanger without a hook. Then i cut the other legs off at the same length which left me with 2 vee shaped bits of wire. Then using the jaws of the pliers i bent a nice little hook on the ends and-presto- perfect pair of lifting tools which hook onto each side of the rack and lifts it keeping it very stable. Very Happy

Ron night

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Re: making your own accessories.

Post  ozziejude on 12.10.12 20:09

Hi Ron
Thanks for the idea, I think, most of us have had this happen to us.
Take Care

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Re: making your own accessories.

Post  Reeta on 13.10.12 17:20

thank you for sharing your idea Ron


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