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Death of my Halogen!

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Death of my Halogen!

Post  sdmcc on 01.10.12 17:50

After almost 3yrs my Coopers of Stortford Halogen Oven became the pythonesque Norwegian Blue (dead parrot).

The light bulb had gone so rang Coopers- they do not sell replacement bulbs nor replacement lids, they only import complete ovens from China. Their most helpful suggestion was try Amazon or purchase a new one from them (full cost,no token offer or reduction). The bulb contacts were almost fused together and looked unreplaceable so not much likelihood of that.

By this time I was wearing sackcloth and ashes and at a loss as to how to cook without a Halogen!

I ordered a new Andrew James Halogen through Amazon (12 litres and all attachments plus spare bulb £39.95 plus postage) and ate out all weekend.

It arrived today and what improvements over my old one. Far sleeker, with a more secure base for the bowl that also has side supports for the bowl and has eradicated the noisy vibrations of my previous halogen. It also appears to be slightly more powerful and further replacement bulbs are available through Amazon.

Very impressed and exceedingly happy with my new Halogen. Highly recommended.


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