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Pasties Empty Pasties

Post  Olly54 on 29.09.12 11:28

Hi everyone,Thought i'd share this one with you.
12 oz Plain Flour
4 oz Margerine
1 oz Beef Dripping

1 Put these ingredients in a Food Processor and blitz till it is Breadcrumb consistency.

2 Add Water until it forms a ball and rolls around the Processor.

3 Remove and put in a bowl and cover with Cling film and rest in the fridge for 10 minutes,this stops the Pastry shrinking back during cooking.

3 Medium Potatoes
1 Medium Carrot
3 oz Onion
3 oz Swede

1 Blitz these in the Processor and put in a bowl

2 Add Worstershire sauce,Garlic,seasoning

3 Add 1 Tablespoon of Shredded Suet and 1 oxo cube

4 Stir it all together

5 Add 500g of Mince and stir

Sorry about the vagueness of these instructions but thats the way I cook.For the food preperation some people might prefer to chop their veg for a chunkier effect,some might prefer more of certain ingredients or seasoning,this is just a base to work from,I don't bother too much because it's just for me.You might want to change the mince for whatever cut of meat,thats the enjoyement of cooking!

I find that one batch of the pastry above rolls out to two tea plates,this is how I cut the circles for my pasties.

Beat an egg in a bowl and brush some around each circle,put in some of the ingredients and fold over the pastry so you have a half circle shaped pasty and crimp by pushing your fingers down around the pasty.I then put the two pasties onto the steaming tray on the low rack and brush with egg and puncture each pasty twice to vent the steam.Cook for 35 minutes at 200 c with the extender ring on.Remove and turn the pasties over for 10 minutes at 200c.

1 Batch of ingredients and 4 Batches of pastry should make 8-10 Pasties. If you have any pastry left over you can always make jam tarts or sausage rolls.Good luck!

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Pasties Empty Re: Pasties

Post  Reeta on 29.09.12 19:05

Thank you for taking the time to share your 'passtees' recipe with us Olly Smile

I am sure lots of people will use this one - add other bits to make it their own.

you are a star thank you


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Pasties Empty Re: Pasties

Post  ozziejude on 29.09.12 21:03

thank you for the recipe
Take Care

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Pasties Empty Re: Pasties

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