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New to this style cooking

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New to this style cooking

Post  jlvetor123 on 23.09.12 3:06

I spent my life staying out of the Kitchen other then to eat what was prepared for me. Since retiring a few years ago I have been dabbing mostly with breakfast cooking. The last couple years I connected with the GEO F stay cooking. I am due for a new cooker and have been looking at the NuWave and then I heard good things about the Halogen Oven so here I am. I have no idea what I really want or which would do the best for me. I am a Hamburger, Steak and Pork Chop guy. I'd like to try some new food such as fish and other food good for me. Any help would be appreciated. I'm leaning toward one of the Halogen ovens. I need to watch my spending. Thanks.



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Re: New to this style cooking

Post  Reeta on 23.09.12 18:34

Hi Jim,
the halogen oven is very good for what you intend to cook. It will save you a few dollars over time.

If you were in the UK I would advise you to get the Andrew James.

It's best to read the reviews for the NuWave on and at the same time check out the other brands. Hope this helps a bit

I am happy to see you on board


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