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beef fillet(tenderloin), lemon/garlic prawns, mixed veg.

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beef fillet(tenderloin), lemon/garlic prawns, mixed veg.

Post  Carainhongkong on 05.08.12 13:14

ok, so tonight, i did the beef tenderloin...

marinated fillet steaks for about 5 hours in san miguel.

prepared: 1 brown onion, cut into 1/8's, 2 chinese eggplants, 3 carrots, small pkg of baby asparagus.... marinated all of that in a little olive oil, garlic & lemon juice

then, wrapped the veg in tin foil packets and cooked for 40 minutes on 250C

removed from oven and put onto plate. topped with a little feta cheese, a little more olive oil and a few sprinkles of oregano.

then put tin foil on bottom of oven and the high rack for grilling. grilled the fillets for 8 minutes on one side, then turned over and grilled for 8 minutes on the other side (adding bbq sauce with about 4 minutes left). *** when i do this next time, i won't cook for so long as we like ours a little more rare. once removed from the heat, the steaks were beautifully rare, but after sitting for 10 minutes they were more med-well.***

prawns:then on top of high rack, i put the "frying" dish. added a little butter, some pre-cooked prawns with a little garlic salt, lemon pepper and a sprinkling of lemon juice. cooked on 250C for 2 minutes, then stirred and cooked for a further 1 minute.

all in all, VERY happy with how it turned out. lovely meal, all done in one machine with very little clean up to do. only oil used was a couple of tables spoons in the huge amount of veg and a tablespoon of butter for the prawns.



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Re: beef fillet(tenderloin), lemon/garlic prawns, mixed veg.

Post  ozziejude on 05.08.12 21:39

thank you
Sounds delcious
Looking forward to hearing more of your successes
Take Care

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Re: beef fillet(tenderloin), lemon/garlic prawns, mixed veg.

Post  Reeta on 06.08.12 15:33

Thank you for taking the time to share your recipes with us Carain.

All sound delicious. I am sure they will inspire others to be more adventurous with their halogen oven.

you are a star

thank you


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